Friday, December 31, 2004

An ongoing need

by Suw on December 31, 2004

I haven't blogged about the Asian tsunami disaster, primarily because I couldn't think of what to say. Emotions range from sadness to incomprehension to helplessness. I want to do something, but what can I do? I have made a small donation, but I feel bad because I can't afford to give a lot.
But then it dawned on me – the need for support will be ongoing for some considerable time yet. I can give a bit every time I get paid and help a little to provide for not just the immediate disaster relief but all the rebuilding work that will need to be done. It's important to give now, even if like me you're skint after Christmas and can only manage a small amount, but it will be just as important to keep the generosity going.
I'm also going to have a ferret round for stuff that I don't need which I can put on eBay – I've a whole bunch of stuff in the loft I don't use which I am sure someone else can get the benefit of and I won't miss money I've never had, so to speak. I'll post here when I have something up for auction.

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