Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dullest International Airport

by Suw on December 11, 2004

Suw and CrwNearly 15 hours, door-to-door, yesterday was the longest day of travelling I've had in a while, characterised mainly by a lot of queuing. Queues to check in, queues to go through security, queues to board the plane. The entire flight felt like one long, 8.5 hours queue. Then queues to get off the plane, queues for the Departement of You're Not American Therefore You Must Be Dangerous Homeland Security's new fingerprinting and mugshot taking procedure at immigration, then a scramble for my lost luggage which turned out to be not lost but just fallen off the carousel on the other side, hidden from view.
Then, eventually, arrivals and the rather gorgeous Crw, the whole reason for my visit. We agreed that nothing was official til one of us blogged it, and as Crw is sitting right by me reading as I type, this really is both of us blogging it.
I suppose I have to go and change my statuses in all my social networking accounts now. Maybe that will stop the strange Far Eastern guys from trying to hit on me in Orkut.

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