The Wimbledon Dream is over for another year

by Suw on June 30, 2004

After Tim Henman's amazing match against Mark Philippoussis, I was really looking forward to today's match against Mario Ancic. Henman sparkled on the court against the Australian, but today, well, the sparkle had gone. Ancic is like an octopus – honestly, that man was returning balls that shorter, less gangly men would have missed. He played by far the better game, a point that Henman made himself in the interview afterwards.
So, for another year the Wimbledon Dream is over and again, tomorrow, the press will lay into Henman without ever once admitting that Henman's been our best player for the last decade, that he's played his best tennis this year, and that he is worthy of our respect and admiration. Instead, they judge his whole career on how he performs at Wimbledon, which is a ludicrous attitude. Personally I'd like to see anyone who has a go at Henman try to put one past Super Mario. Not so easy, eh?

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