We wuznt robd, we wuz screwd with our pants on

by Suw on June 24, 2004

If you didn't just watch the England – Portugal match, this post will make no sense to you. But we wuz screwd. That was a fair goal, seen by the linesman and given by the linesman but denied by the ref. But why? What was wrong with it? Seemed like a perfectly good goal to me, no one got fouled, what the hell was wrong with it?
The ref was patently biased – all the yellow cards were for the Brits, yet the Portuguese were hardly angels. As the guy on the BBC said, “There were times when it felt like we were playing against twelve men, and one of them was Swiss.” That pretty much sums it up, really. Ref should be fired for screwing up like that.
And then, extra time… oh gods, how painful to watch. But we evened up 2-2. Then penalties. Ooh, bad. Bad badness.
We wuz screwd.
And Rooney's ankle is hurt, possibly broken if what I hear is right. Bad news. Very bad news.
DISCLAIMER: I only like international tournaments. I am not usually a footie fan. Honest, guv.
On the other hand, Goran Ivanisevic got through in Wimbledon, which is great new. I love Goran. Last year I watched Wimbledon obsessively, and blogged it thwack by thwack. This year, I don't have time to catch but the occasional game, which is a pity, but that's life.

Anonymous June 24, 2004 at 10:50 pm

What game were you watching? Terry clearly interfered with Ricardo as he attempted to play the ball. I tried to find you some video or photos, but nothing yet.
Regardless, England wasn't robbed. Portugal had 59% (!) of the possession, more corners, more shots and the general run of play. And each team received 3 yellow cards. All in all, an excellent game, and the best team won.

Anonymous June 25, 2004 at 12:08 am

What a disappointment… the Swiss ref was a bloody idiot and that goal was perfectly good. That said Portugal had the better of the game after Rooney went off.
Oh well… same old same old.

Anonymous June 25, 2004 at 1:33 pm

Yep. One disadvantage of living with a Cymraes was that I had to lock myself in the loo after the match to avoid her gloating. She can't help it. She tried, God bless her, but she couldn't stop laughing.
Oh well – it's good news about Goran. You know, there are a lot of pagans on the professional tennis circuit today. That Goran – even he's a witch.

Anonymous June 25, 2004 at 2:26 pm

Well yes, the ref was biased, but Campbell's goal really wasn't a goal. Terry clearly fouled Ricardo. You can do almost anything in soccer, but not obstruct the goalie in any way.
Besides, the English team totally retreated after they had scored their first goal and only resumed playing properly after the Portuguese had scored 2-1. That clearly wasn't a good idea. The fact that Rooney was injured didn't help either.
I won't start talking about Beckham's penalty skills now. Or his weird tattoo. Not that the latter mattered much, but the former did.

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