Sunday's little get together

by Suw on June 10, 2004

Sunday night, after NotCon, a bunch of us met up for dinner at the Anglesea Arms in Kensington. Guilty parties were:
Stephanie aka bunny, James Cox aka imajes, Jason from South Africa, Jyri Engeström, Gerard aka insert coin, Matt Freestone, Perry de Havilland, Hugh Macleod aka gapingvoid, Julian Bond aka jbond, Mike Jones aka imsickofmaps, Snowchyld, George Crones, and Joi aka Our Illustrious Leader.
I had a great evening – it was so much fun to meet some of the people that populate my IRC day. Thanks to everyone for coming and for making it such a fun evening. Apologies for the slightly crappy nature of the photos. The flash on my camera is a bit harsh, so I often turn it off. Unfortunately, that doesn't really make for decent pics, which is a touch counterproductive. The best ones are the ones Steph and the others took, I think.

Our Illustrious Leader reads from the Book of Joi. Ok, the menu…

Joi and Steph inspect James' fingernails

Steph makes me look awfully underdressed

Me, Jason and Jyri

Snowchyld. Who else?

Hugh, Julian, Mike and Snowchyld

Perry, Hugh and Julian plotting the downfall of modern civilisation

Snowchyld, Steph, James and me. God knows what the gesticulations mean

Hugh, caught in the act of Creating Valuable Art

Me, joifully (heh, get the pun?) playing with #joiito
Highlights of the evening included getting my very own gapingvoid original, chatting to Joi and seeing Steph all dolled-up. Wonderful conversation, good food, interesting company and some lovely scenery. What more could a girl want?
Other accounts of the evening include Gerardj's write up and photos, Hugh's blog post, Mike's blog post and finally, Stephanie's account of her whole trip to the UK.

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