It's all gone joiito

by Suw on March 27, 2004

From #joiito:

[15:18] nostromo: I always have the andalusian meaning of joiito, in mind
[15:19] nostromo: joder means to fuck
[15:19] nostromo: jodido means fucked (usually in the fucked up sense)
[15:19] nostromo: jodidito is diminutive of this
[15:19] nostromo: and then, in andalusia they “eat” those “d”
[15:19] nostromo: joiito –> a bit fucked up

Hence, instead of 'Oh no, it's all gone a bit Pete Tong*' I can now say 'Oh no, it's all got joiito', (remembering, of course, to use the Spanish j which is a sort of a spat h).

Truly, Joi is a man with as versatile and interesting a name as anyone could hope for.

*Pete Tong: wrong, from name of a Brit DJ for whom things went a bit pear shaped a few years back.

Steve Kane March 27, 2004 at 8:26 pm

RE: Pete Tong… He plays shit records, too.

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