Moving and shaking

by Suw on March 24, 2004

I'm now a Slithering Reptile in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, ranking #2446! Whoo hoo!
On the other hand, now that Kevin's fixed my blog claim over at Technorati, I find that I'm 12,146th out of 1,950,889 blogs, which looks like a demotion because at one point I was within a hair's breadth being in the top 10,000, but is actually a promotion because then I was in something like the top 0.86 percentile, and now it's 0.62. It all changes, see, cos they keep adding blogs to their watch list.
Anyway, my improved rank amongst the blogosphere's movers and shakers doesn't really matter, it's just ironic because I've been seriously thinking about about leaving Blog-City for pastures more reliable.
I've been a staunch defender of Blog-City throughout all their troubles and misfortunes. I have stuck by them and I feel a degree of loyalty. But yesterday's unexplained outage just really annoyed me. Why should I pay for a service that is so unreliable? I know they are upgrading, I know they are having problems, but frankly, they should have gone about the whole thing a bit more carefully to ensure that their customers aren't inconvenienced quite so often.
It's just like Blogger was two years ago.
So yesterday I was whining again about how rubbish the situation is and a friend offered to set me up a new blog with a new provider. Thus I'm currently playing with a third version of Chocolate and Vodka and am trying to make up my mind as to whether to move or not. I don't want to lose links and placement or irritate my readers, and I'm not overly keen on the idea of leaving a trail of posts across the blogosphere. But on the other hand, what could be more irritating for everyone involved than my blog simply not being available?
I will cross post for a while, and then decide.

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