I've got a namesake!

by Suw on March 22, 2004

My friend Trav has named his new iBook after me, so may I introduce you to the really quite beautiful Suw. She's far prettier, smarter and faster than I am, the wee minx.

The only other thing that's ever been named after me is a star in the constellation of Corvus, The Crow, which is just below Virgo in case you weren't sure. Previously named 157-453, the heavenly body which can be found at the celestial address of 12hrs 42 min 15.718 sec and Declination of -18 degrees, 50' and 10.90″ Epoch 2000, has since 12 April 01 been known as Suw Charman. To me. And the people who bought it for me.

Everyone else probably calls it George. Or Natasha.

Or 157-453.

A visitor March 23, 2004 at 12:27 pm

Heh, love it.

All my Windows PCs have had old-lady names: Doris, Mavis, etc. Mavis is the current. I have never named my Mac tho, never even thought of it as female. It's a ninja sword, fer chrissakes, not a woman.

Eh? Drunk? Nah, not me…

andrew [andrew@andrewbarnett.net]

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