I really hate…

by Suw on March 18, 2004

…Wanky websites that make you download and install a new plug-in before you can use them via a process which means you have to close all your browser windows except that one so suddenly all those tabs you have open that you want to record in some way require bookmarking which adds another foot or so to your bookmark list which is already horrendously unwieldy and is soon going to collapse under its own weight and become a bookmark black hole into which links vanish never to be seen again even though all you really wanted in the first place was a wee bit of info and a name and address.

However, run-on sentences with no punctuation are fine.

Steve Kane March 18, 2004 at 12:27 pm

Oh I fucking hate that. Frankly, any website that requires some bizarre plug-in other than, say, Flash or Quicktime can fuck off. That's the thing about some sites: grossly over-designed by some narcissistic designer who is so wrapped up in how clever his/her programming is that he/she forgets that people actually just want to look at the information on the website and don't want to spend all day downloading poxy applications just to look at the bloody thing.


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