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by Suw on March 11, 2004

Following the meme that's doing the rounds of #joiito, from Anarkystic, back to ButtUgly and beyond, here's my new blog space.

Note the vile pink decor and horrible nets that I really ought to do something about very soon; the bottle of Wyborowa within easy reach; the small clock on top of my monitor set to PST; the laptop running Hydra so I don't have to keep flicking between windows (thus actually reducing amount of p-time expended). You can't see the bookshelves and filing cabinet that flank the desk – I can't get far enough away to fit them in the frame. Also missing compared to my old place is a large black and white mog who should by rights be installed on the windowsill but who's actually out right now.

So, this is where I spend the vast majority of my waking hours. It's dark and dingy even on the brightest day and goes a long way to explaining why I want to get hell out of here.

Sam Kuntz March 11, 2004 at 5:28 pm


You need a bottle of single malt whiskey from Scotland to add color and flavor to your work enviroment. Wales now makes a single malt whiskey that would work just as well.


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