So that?s today gone for a burton

by Suw on June 13, 2003

It’s positively inhumane to be forced to attempt to work on a day like today. Hot, sunny, summery and a Friday the Thirteenth with a full moon (the rose moon) tonight to boot. Who can concentrate on a day like today? Who can sit down in front of an uninspiring beige box and shuffle words around so that maybe they make a little bit more sense now than they did yesterday?

Well, not me. I did kinda ok this morning, after oversleeping yet again, but come 1pm, or maybe it was 12, I gave up completely. Went into town, got some stuff to help Fflwff persuade her little hoppy friends to leave. (Yes, it’s that time of year again when, if I’m not vigilant about it, the big ol? furball turns into one big hoppy party.)

Whilst I was in town I succeeded in not buying the Dolce & Gabbana sunnies. I didn’t even go and try them on. I also persuaded myself not to buy Rob Dougan’s Furious Angels, even though I did locate it in HMV, because apparently there’s a reissue coming out soon which has a second disc with additional instrumental versions. So I’m going to wait for that.

I also succeeded in not buying the Thorntons Champagne Truffles that I’d half promised myself. Ditto on the bottle of coke. I’m back on the non-caffeine wagon again for the next five weeks at least.

Made a half-hearted stab at some typesetting when I got back, but gave up soon thereafter with eyeache and a headache. Instead I read the issue of Uncut I bought.

I tend not to read magazines regularly these days. More often than not, they irritate me. They lull me into a false sense of security and then bam, out of nowhere a lousy piece of writing will get itself lodged right up my nose.

I was doing ok with Uncut until page 146. That’s pretty good going. I’d started reading at page 72, so that’s quite a few pages without too much annoyance. Then in the interview adjunctive to the review of Reloaded, dickwit hack Stephen Dalton, asks Keanu Reeves:

“In the first film, Neo had to eat a red pill to enter the Matrix, but not in this one? Why not?”

Gah! Jeeze, take him outside now and shoot the fucker, he obviously wasn’t paying any attention in class. I almost feel that it would be an insult to your intelligence to explain why this is such a pathetic question, but I guess there might be people who haven’t seen the Matrix (although if there are, they probably don’t give a shit either way what the problem with this question is).

1. Neo’s in the Matrix and about to leave it when he takes the red pill, he’s not trying to enter it.
2. The red pill was a trace programme that allowed Morpheus and co. to locate Neo’s body in the real world, its involvement in Neo actually waking up is debatable. To me, the mirror, along with the other contraptions in the room at the time are responsible for that one, but I’m open to discussion on that.

The thing that bugs me though is that this stupid question should never have been asked, and certainly should never have made it into print. Uncut is a music and film magazine, supposedly written by people who know their way round music and film. What was the editor thinking when he let that piece of blatant idiocy through? Have they no editorial standards?

*takes deep breath*

Anyway, today is officially now Saturday, and tomorrow will be Friday and when I wake up I’ll attempt this day all over again. Sort of like Groundhog Day but without the repetition. Or, I suspect, the schmaltzy ending.

On the plus side, though, I did find out why my kitchen smells of fish.

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