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by Suw on June 1, 2003

I've been having an ongoing discussion as regards Mr Reeves over on Sweet Addy. There is one faction that believes that Mr Reeves is not quite the talentless jerk that some people would like to paint him as. There is another faction which believes that Mr Reeves is so thick that he coudn't find his own arse without directions.

Me, well I believe that there are some actors, like some bands, that it's fashionable to hate. Maybe they're not the best at what they do. Maybe they've made some bad calls in the past. Maybe some things they've done haven't turned out too well. But somehow this gets translated into a real hatred, and I don't understand that. It's one thing not to like a certain film or certain music, but somehow this dislike of the end product gets translated into a real hatred of the purveyor. “I really fucking hate Grandaddy” or “I really fucking hate Keanu Reeves”.

Calm down guys, there are more worthy people to hate in this world. Like Bush.

Anyway, how can anyone hate Keanu? I mean, really? Look at those big brown eyes and tell me he's not the cutest thing? Failing that, read this and tell me you don't have at the very least some grudging respect for the man.

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