C17: Days 204-210 – Emergency crochet week

by Suw on July 29, 2017

Dr Eugenie Clark

Dr Eugenie Clark

So, I haven’t blogged for nearly a week, primarily because I haven’t embroidered since Sunday last, and then I didn’t finish the particular test I wanted to do, so there was nothing to blog about. I have, however, been creative. Very creative.

I’m running a workshop at Mead Public Library here in Sheboygan on 8 August about crocheting women in STEM, and had promised that I’d have four patterns ready. The sudden realisation that I had only one and a half (Dr Mae Jemison needs a tweak as her neck is floppy) combined with the lack of other deadlines to result in my spending much of Monday and half of Tuesday feverishly crocheting new figures, and continuing to crochet each evening. I’ve still got a few bits left to finish up, but normal service will be resumed soon!


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