Monday, July 3, 2017

C17: Day 184 – A tale of two frames

by Suw on July 3, 2017

I love my Millennium Frame from Needle Needs. It does away with a lot of the faff involved in setting up fabric for embroidery and is far superior to the embroidery hoop. The fabric slots under a rod in a groove in the top and bottom bars, and then the side stretchers extend to pull it all taut, the rod lifting up against the too-small edges of the slot and holding the fabric firm. It’s brilliant. It appeals to the lazy in me.

The only problem is that my two frame width options are currently “slightly too small” and “quite a bit too big”.

Ideally, I want to leave a few inches of fabric beyond the edge of the mat so that it can be wrapped around stiff card or foam-core and laced taut. That’s how you mount embroidery, and it’s definitely one of those things you don’t want to get wrong because it’s hard to fix.

If the smaller bars were slightly wider, I’d be able to roll the fabric on to them like a scroll, but the corner joints will get in the way if the silk is as wide as it needs to be. I’ll have to see if I can either fold in the sides, or just not do the scrolly thing and let the edges flap loose.

I’d prefer to use the slightly smaller frame because the big one is so big and so unwieldy without a stand, but we’ll see when I come to mount it all up. I might just have to deal with unwieldy.

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