Sunday, July 9, 2017

I knew yesterday that what I wanted to do would take more than the 15 minutes I’m supposed to be spending per day, so I saved it up yesterday’s time for today. Glad I did – it all took a lot longer than I anticipated!

The first challenge was to actually figure out which box my silk fabric was in. The silk I’m using is actually offcuts from my wedding dress, so my friends gets a little bit of nuptialness along with her embroidery! Then I had to find my embroidery hoop too. Because this is a test piece, I’m using the smallest offcut I can, and using the hoop instead of setting up the big frame. I’ll also be using some random DMC colours instead of the actual silks, though I might do a small test with proper silk threads just to double check a few things.

Once I had the fabric and the hoop, I traced the pattern using a sepia Pilot Frixion pen. The nice thing about the Frixion is that when you heat the ink up it loses its colour, so whilst the lines will be embroidered over, it doesn’t matter if I miss a bit. However, it also means I can’t let it get too hot!!

So, I’m now ready for a bit of testing.

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