Saturday, July 15, 2017

C17: Days 195 & 196 – Snail test

by Suw on July 15, 2017

I was feeling a bit ropey yesterday, so saved up that time for the snail test today. Although, to be honest, I probably spent a couple of hours on it whilst I was watching Wimbledon, which is slightly more than the 10-15 mins per day I had originally imagined spending!

Anyway, this test is slightly involved. First up, the small round bits, for lack of a better term:

1. Double stranded french knot in the middle, over double stranded satin stitch
2. Double stranded satin stitch in the middle, over satin stitch
3. Single stranded cross stitch, surrounded by radial satin stitch
4. Single stranded french knot, surrounded by single stranded french knots
5. Double stranded french knot, surrounded by double stranded french knots

And then the three segments:

A. Double stranded long and short stitch
B. Single stranded radial satin-long and short stitch mix
C. Single stranded split stitch

And then there’s the colours:

Top: Bright blues
Bottom: Muted blues

Photo is slightly fuzzy, but you get the gist. I’ll try to get some better ones tomorrow.

So, which to go with? I have my thoughts, but it might be better to make a choice once some of the other colours are filled in.

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