C17: Days 211-218 – More emergency crochet, building computers, finally some embroidery

by Suw on August 6, 2017

Welp, it’s been another one of those weeks. The emergency crochet continued until I had four reliable patterns ready for Tuesday’s workshop. The third figure is Dr Anandibai Joshi, who is also my favourite:

The fourth will be published next month.

Interrupting all that was the arrival of parts for my new Hackintosh, which has necessitated a few evenings spent dealing with computery things. My poor laptop is struggling somewhat, and really will need a factory reset and a new keyboard soon, so getting a desktop Hackintosh became a bit of a priority. The new desktop goes like shit off a stick and is a joy to use, so it was worth both the money and the time.

But finally, today, I got the chance to do more embroidery, the second of two days that have so far gone unblogged. I’m still of two minds with the knight’s tunic, whether or not I like the darker plum with the lavender. I’m thinking not, right now. I also tested two strand long-and-short stitch (below the belt) against the single strand stitch (above the belt) and really do prefer the single strand. It’s just easier to get a smooth finish.

I’ve also dug out the silk and backing fabric so that I’ll be ready to get the final set-up done one evening this week, and then I can start embroidering in earnest.

However, this week has emphasised that I am getting into my busy season now ahead of ALD on 10 Oct, an I just may not have the time to do something every day. So it goes.

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