C17: Day 193 – The vine

by Suw on July 12, 2017

This is going to be a hard one, because the test today is about colours, and it’s hard to photograph colours well, especially with an ipad and especially at this time of night under mixed artificial light. I have one pale green (first top curl), and then a choice of a dark green that’s quite muted (right-hand end of vine and curl), and a dark green that’s quite bright (left-hand end of vine and second curl). These are the actual silks, not DMC stand-ins.

This is a tough decision because both greens work well in context, even if they look a bit odd when you put the skeins next to one another. It may just be that I need to get some of the other colours in place in order to see how they work together.

Anyway, four photos, and maybe they’ll show the difference.

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