C17: Day 85 – Leaping and sleeping

by Suw on March 26, 2017

Working off photos again today, from when Grabbity and Mewton were younger and slimmer and had bigger ears, proportionally speaking.

Present me is, though, starting to wish that past me had specified “One creative thing five days a week” rather than daily, because there are moments when this starts to feel like a chore. I’m not sure why it’s starting to feel onerous, whether it’s just that I’ve been doing this for nearly three months and it’s wearing thin or whether there’s something specific about drawing that’s bugging me. Cats aren’t the best of sitters, that’s true, but I don’t know if that’s actually the problem per se, or whether it’s because I expect to be getting better at each thing I do, and I’m not sure that I am any better at drawing today than I was 26 days ago. And I have no idea what I want to do for next month, either. Or maybe this is just Sunday night speaking.

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