C17: Day 71 – Kickin’ it kitten stylee

by Suw on March 12, 2017

The cats are both asleep and I wanted a bit of a change, so I thought I’d look through the photos I have of them as kittens and see how they’ve changed. There are the obvious kitten things – they had bigger ears in proportion to their heads than they do as adults, and bigger paws too. But their stripes were also more distinct. Both of them have gotten darker as they’ve gotten older – they’ll be 8 years old on 12 May this year. Mewton has especially grown darker.

Putting the photo side by side with the sketch is a bit brutal though – it really shows my proportions are off. Still, practice, practice, practice. That is what this whole year is about, after all.

C17 Day 71


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