Wednesday, January 11, 2017

C17: Day 11 – Poxy dots

by Suw on January 11, 2017

So this week, we’re mainly going to be ignoring the fact that I got a day ahead of myself this evening, and we’re also going to ignore just how crap my dots are. I found the explanation of the stroke movements in the video really confusing – the diagram and explanation were at odds with the movements she actually demonstrated, and no matter how I tired I couldn’t make it work the way she said to do it, and didn’t have much more luck doing it the way she did it. I wasted a fair amount of time trying to find another video that might explain it better, and did find one that seemed to do the upstroke to the left, as she said – hence all the crappy-looking ones in the middle – but I couldn’t make that work. So I did it the way she actually did it, and I suppose had slightly better results.

I’m also not sure that I can get away without thickening up the pen ink with the ink stick, unless I just buy some thicker ink. It does seem to make a difference – the viscosity of the ink seems to have an impact on how well the brush behaves. Still, two steps forwards, one step back.

C17 Day 11

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