Monday, January 9, 2017

C17: Day 9 – Lines with rounded ends

by Suw on January 9, 2017

More lines! This time, lines with rounded ends. Slightly easier than the other lines, not that these are as lovely and smooth as they ought to be, but gotta start somewhere.

Big error today was putting too much water in the grinding plate and after 15 minutes of grinding still having watery, crappy ink. That’s part of the reason the ends look so shitty. I’ve noticed that thin ink makes for rubbish shapes, although one or two of them did come out OK. Tomorrow, I might try Kevin’s pen ink, as I don’t think I’ve got the kind of india-style ink that I suspect would be better.

I have reached the end of my instructional video, so I shall tomorrow be looking for a new one, with new exercises!

C17 day 9

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