C17: Day 6 – A new brush!

by Suw on January 6, 2017

Today, I felt like I really learnt something! I found a smaller brush (on the right) that has roughly the same shape as the ones that came in the set, and I think I did a better job with the little triangles. They are smaller, but I think better formed.

C17 Day 6

I also learnt that one cannot be stingy with the ink. If the brush is fully loaded with ink, it’s easier to make the triangle neat using the technique shown in the tutorial, because you’re really using the brush to direct the puddle of ink, rather than trying to deposit ink on just the exact place on the page. Some of those triangles are actually quite neat, although there’s still more practice required.

Using the smaller brush does mean that I can fit a lot more triangles on the page, which means a lot more practice. Although I originally meant to do just 10-15 minutes a day, today I spent nearly an hour grinding ink and doing that lot! I also tried with the longer brush (on the left) some little triangular outlines, just for fun. That’s a whole other thing, though!

Of course, the ramifications of the ink issue is that I’ll have to grind a lot more or the damn stuff in order to have enough to properly load up the larger brush. Oh, won’t that be fun!

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