Saturday, September 10, 2005

Actually, more welcome than frightening. Been so muggy that one has very nearly had to wade through the air. And sitting here on the couch with a hot laptop burning my thighs isn't helping, but there's no TV, so I'm watching episodes of Lost instead. (Thank you Tom!)
Been mad busy the last few days. And when I say 'mad', I mean 'absolutely completely utterly squirrely nuts', and when I say 'busy' I mean 'flat out like a hedgehog on the M1'. Too much to do, still, but I am not going to drive myself into the ground doing it all rightthissecond, because there's nothing of a life/death nature in the queue so it can all wait. Tonight I am going to chill out and tomorrow I may go to Kingston and shop for shoes as the ones I have are so old and knackered that they are more disgrace than footware.
Thought I'd let you all know I'm still here though. Glass o' Pinot Grigio, Ep 9 to watch, and a growing (although inexplicable) crush on the little English dude with the piggy nose and cute eyes that plays Charlie.
Oh, one last thing before I go. Note to subconscious: please stop making me dream about kittens. You're frightening me.

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