by Suw on January 26, 2005

Just clearing out some tabs whilst I try to wake up:

  • Beach animals! Cool! The Animaris Rhinoceros Transport movie is ace.
  • Chocolate solar system! Yum! (Via BoingBoing.)
  • The Bloggies site is down at the moment, but apparently I was nominated in the Best UK/European Blog category (thanks Betsy!). I believe it is traditional for me to now beg you all to vote for me, but bugger traditions. It's not like I am going to win anyway. (Note how I subtly try to persuade you to vote for me even without explicitly asking. Oh, I so love reverse-psychology. *subliminally chants 'vote! vote! vote!'*) UPDATE: seems I was nominated, not Nominated. No surprise – this blog aint ever winnin no prizes.
  • Chocolate sushi! OMG! Gimme!! (Via Betsy.)

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