Not your average blogger

by Suw on January 8, 2005

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of writing for the inaugural edition of Design In-Flight, an online PDF magazine for designers. My feature, It’s not just all pretty pictures, took a look at how content affects web design, navigation and page layout and I'm happy to say that you can now dowload it in full (PDF, 110k).
I now have a new feature running in the January edition examining the reasons why designers keep blogs and what they get out of it.

Not your average blogger
It's tempting to dismiss weblogs as the personal online diaries of semi-literate teenagers, or vehicles for the inflated egos of opinionated politicos. Yet a blog can also be an invaluable business tool for designers wanting to improve their online presence and find new clients. Suw Charman talked to four design bloggers who have cut a path through the blogging jungle to find out why — and how they do it.

Why do Bloggers Blog?
“I see it as a community,” says Jon Hicks of hicksdesign, “and if I don't blog, I don't feel like a part of that community. It's a place that's larger than the room where my computer is and I love that feeling. There's a great community spirit whenever I've asked a question or put forward ideas — other bloggers' responses have been really helpful, and that's a lifeline I wouldn't have if it wasn't for blogging.”

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Many thanks to Jason Santa Maria, Jon Hicks, Todd Dominey and Eric Meyer for their time and help.

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