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by Suw on December 23, 2004

Euan picks up on a meme from Liz Lawley where you type each letter of the alphabet into the address bar of your browser and see what it suggests. It creates a nice little snapshot of recent browsing history, and illustrates just how right Hugh MacLeod was when he called me 'probably the most blog-obsessed female in the UK' (most of the links that aren't actual blogs I found or use because of blogs).
a is for Amazon.co.uk
b is for the Blogware admin page for Chocolate and Vodka
c is for Chocolate and Vodka, a deeply unsurprising revelation
d is for Darren Barefoot
e is for Ensight
f is for Flickr
g is for Gmail
h is for Horst, although that's because his URI starts with an 'h' for 'homepage'
i is for the #suwcharman IRC channel stats which were prepared by Imajes and which no one should look at, particularly if they are clients of mine
j is for Just a Gwai Lo
k is for Kombinat
l is for AKMA's Last.fm page, which surprised me by including quite a few bands I rather like. Never thought I'd share musical taste with AKMA, but that just goes to show you should never judge an album by its cover
m is for My StatCounter page, which provides traffic stats for Strange Attractor
n is for Ninjafish, and oh, would I have been in trouble with crw if it had been any other page! (Even if he hasn't blogged much lately, hint hint.)
o is for oh god, not Orkut
p is for Plasticbag
q is for Qjump, for train timetables
r is for Richard Conolly, a new blogger whom I helped mentor the other day
s is for Scoble.com. Why on earth is S for Scoble.com? I don't remember visiting this site? Must have been after Robert Scoble instead.
t is for Technorati
u is for a page which used to link to a searchable version of the Oxford English Dictionary until the University of Oxford got snarky and started threatening people with legal action, the selfish gets
v is for VersionTracker (for Mac OS X, obviously)
w is for Webs and Wings, Ninjafish's mum (oh, gosh, that gives a lot away, doesn't it?)
x is for nothing at all. I have no sites in my recent history that begin with x
y is for Yahoo. Yawn
z is for Zoetrope
And just to extend the meme:
1 is for a Nominet whois query
2 is for the True Voice 20 Questions blog
3 is for Signal vs Noise
4 and 5 are for nothing
6 is for a client's webmail
7 is for nothing
8 is for Blogaholix
and finally, 9 is for nothing

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