Trying to catch up

by Suw on December 18, 2004

The number of unread posts in my feed reader has got to the point now where I am tempted very much to mark them all as read and start over. Thing is, for some obscure and unarticulable reason, I don't want to ditch the data regarding which blogs I am out of date with, and how out of date I am.
I am out of date with blogs I should be reading because blogging is my job; blogs I want to read because they're interesting; and the blogs of friends whose news and life I want to stay in touch with. I'm out of date with emails, too, but that's a permanent state of affairs and you should all be used to that by now.
I am reminded today, however, of why this whole blog thing is fun by my friend Horst – whom I have neglected woefully since the summer when I went to stay with him in Vienna – and his blog post Things at a rock concert that make you realise you are getting old.
Now, if only I can remember to remember this tomorrow too.

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