Monday, October 11, 2004

10,000 words! Sadly, all of them are 'the'

by Suw on October 11, 2004

Erm, ok, so what day are we? Monday… Right, yes, good. It's all starting to blur one day into another here. I have essentially spent my days writing, or thinking about writing, or thinking that I should be writing.
Finished the treatment and decided not to bother workshopping it. Whilst logic dictates that it's a good idea to iron out wrinkles earlier rather than later – it being easier to edit a five page treatment than a 110 page script – deep down I knew that the whole thing would change in the writing anyway.
So, I started writing the first draft of the script on, well, it was either Thursday or Friday. Not entirely sure which day it was. Anyway, now I'm up to 10,134 words, and the end of Act 2. It's a wee bit short because I've basically skipped writing some scenes because I wasn't sure what needed to happen in them. I'll wait til I've got the easy bits out of the way and then go back to fill in the gaps.
Still, passing the 10,000 word barrier feels good, even if I am having to write it in Word. *spit spit* I had planned to use Final Draft, industry standard scriptwriting software that does, theoretically, work on a Mac. Sadly, my copy of FD6 refuses to 'authorise' on my PowerBook, which means that I can only use it if I have the CD in the drive. My FD CD is sitting on my desk back home, so I had to resort to the pain that is Word. Bleurgh. What a pile of shite.
One thing that this week has really shown me is how much I want to do this stuff for a living. Writing scripts is basically extended periods of faffing about, punctuated by brief spasms of intensive typing. Somehow that just feels like exactly the right thing for me to be doing.
I'm off back to Daaaahset tomorrow evening, so I shall then start to seriously put together a marketing strategy for the first screenplay whose time has, I think, come. Keep your fingers pre-emptively crossed for me, please.

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