Friday, October 1, 2004

Oooh, less than three days.
Three days ago, if you had searched on 'egogooglebombing' you would have come up with no search results at all. Now you get seven. I feel perversely proud of that.
If you had, at the same time, searched Google for 'Simon Pegg' you would not have found me anywhere in the top ten pages, or even the top 20. Now, I'm on page 7. (I'd link, but Google is so fickle that it's hardly worth it.)
See. Egogooglebombing works. No idea why I'm pleased about this, but I am.
(And to think that someone today questioned my geekitude. Fools.)

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Tony Blair's got no bits!

by Suw on October 1, 2004

Just watching the lunchtime news on the BBC who are reporting Tony Blair's heart op today. The report used a graphic explaining how the surgeons are going to stuff a pipecleaner in his thigh which they will then guide carefully up to his heart in order to then remove the small defect that's causing the trouble. Sadly for Tony, it appears from this graphic that he's got no genitals. Don't know when our PM suffered this indignity, but he must be quite distraught about it. Not sure how Cherie feels. Relieved, maybe.
What I don't understand is why the BBC need to pretend that men don't have genitals. They could have put pants on the graphic if they were feeling a bit prudish, but giving him that Ken-esque lump is just way too grotesque.
BREAKING NEWS: Surgeons have had to call in the country's top physicists to advise them on how deal with the black hole discovered where Tony's heart should be.

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