Sunday, October 31, 2004

Every now and again one gets a message left on one's phone that one wishes to listen to once again. One also, sometimes, actually does wish to hit '#' and call the person back. Unfortunately, I am a twat and instead of hitting '#' I hit 3, which deleted the fucking message.
So, to the person who called me this morning – Trina? Jeannie? Someone else entirely? – who was at the party with the guy that went to school with someone I met recently, and to the person who said 'Hi' after the guy who went to school with someone I met recently finished speaking, please let me know what the hell I missed. I swear I'll never turn my mobile off again – please call!
UPDATE: Panic over. Thank you for your attention. Normal service will be resumed just as soon as we can figure out what 'normal' is anyway.

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