Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yes! Yessss!! Yeeeesssssss!!!!

by Suw on October 12, 2004

Guess who's gonna be in the same room as – yes, that's right, physically in proximity to – Messers Wright and Pegg? Yup! Me!!

Curzon Soho Screen 3; 1.30-2.45pm (£6/5)
Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright: a cult comedy class on Shaun of the Dead
Since their smash hit Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have been picking up celebrity fans by the dozen. Raimi, Romero and Tarantino have all spotted that Pegg and Wright are the UK’s most talented comedy-team since Monty Python. Here they talk about exploiting genre for comic effect, the joys and pains of co-writing, and how Brit humour travels.

Thank you Paul, you are a star. I owes ya big time.
*does little dance of joy*

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