Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Discovered today that my new boss, Livio, and I share something unusual – we both have chunks of pencil let under our skin. Mine is in the palm of my hand, Livio's is in the webbing inbetween his fingers.
But that's not the end of today's coincidence. Tonight I am staying in my friend Gerard's spare room, and as I was recounting the story of the strange coincidence he rolled up his sleeve and pointed out his little bit of pointy pencil lead.
How strange is that? I have spent my entire life being the only person that I know with a bit of pencil lead stuck under her skin, and in one day I meet two other people with the same thing!
Oh, btw, I dug the splinters out with a scalpel. No blood, no pain, not as bad as I had thought. Dramaqueen!

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