Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Probably not, considering that I only got it yesterday…
You may or may not know (or care), but I have been yearning after a Mac for a couple of months now. Well, actually it's been about a decade, but it wasn't until I saw Macs in action at BlogTalk that I became totally smitten and decided that a Mac was essential to my future personal and professional well-being.
Thing is, Macs aren't cheap, and I'm not flush at the moment, so I'd put the Mac on hold. Until, that is, a friend of mine offered me his ol' worn-out 15″ G4 PowerBook. Like I was going to say no! The battery is totally b0rked, the firewire is knackered and there is no Airport card, but other than it's just fine and dandy. HD is a bit small, and the processor a bit slow, but it is half the size/weight of my PC laptop, and it's a Mac!
Thus this is my Interim Solution between not having a Mac and having the Mac of My Dreams. I have a couple of people keeping eyes out for spare batteries which actually work, and my friend has located a spare Airport card he is going to send to me, and I have moved my ADSL modem about so that the ethernet cable now reaches (although it also stands a good chance of tripping up anyone who walks in the front door), so I am at least online now. Well, obviously. Wouldn't be posting this if I wasn't. Need to buy a USB mouse on the weekend too – trackpad drives me nuts.
I will still save up for a 12″ iBook/PowerBook, (now I've got a PowerBook I'm kind of in lurve), but at least this means that I won't now be accused of absconding with someone else's laptop every time I go up to London.
*happy sigh*
Oh, and I'm SubEthaEdited up to the hilt! Go SubEthaEdit!

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