Thursday, August 26, 2004

An appropriate abandonment

by Suw on August 26, 2004

So that's it. Tag. “Finished”.
The last week or so I have been pouring over my screenplay, Tag, trying to make it the best I can make it without a major rewrite. It's not finished – it'll never be finished, not even if it's ever made. But the time has come to abandon it, pretend it is finished, and submit it to the Second Annual American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest.
I think I am happy with it as it stands. I also think that it is a good screenplay, and that it stands a fighting chance of being placed. (Well, I would think that, otherwise I wouldn't now be $40 lighter.)
Please keep your fingers crossed – not for me to win, but for me to find the patience to wait until 01 Feb 05 to find out if I've won.
Ah, hell, by then I'll have the next one written anyway.

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