Accordion Guy's annual review

by Suw on April 30, 2004

Ever wanted to sit in on someone else's yearly job review? Well, had you been on Accordion Guy's blog this afternoon from 7pm BST, you would have. Although sans sound. Which sucked. But still, it's nice to see someone else's career and job prospects under the hammer. So nice, in fact, that we watched it over dinner. (Er… you think I'm joking?)
Here are edited highlights:

“If you don't like the working conditions, you know where the door is.”

“Oh, I'm fucked.” Joey looks alarmed as boss Ross looks serioss.

“And it would be this easy for me to just pluck your head from your shoulders. Bwah ha haaa”

Joey tries a tune from The Sound of Music to try and win over Boss Ross.

“My god! You were right! The alien nanotechnology has escaped the containment fields and is taking over the world! I'll give you a bonus if you promise not to tell on me.”

“Of course, if you do tell on me, this is what will happen to your neck.”

“Heh heh. You think that scares me? Nothing scares me. I have a sheaf of papers and am therefore safe from your evil threats.”
(Note: I'm sure Joey's Boss Ross and Ross's Boss Noss are all lovely people. No, really.)

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