Blogware and Blog-City versions tied in Technorati

by Suw on April 26, 2004

Now that I'm not updating the Blog-City version of Chocolate and Vodka anymore it is slowly floating down through the blogosphere like a discarded feather whilst this blog on Blogware is crawling its way up the power curve, point by point, aiming for that big tall spike at the end.
Tonight I noticed that the blogs are tied in Technorati at 18,376th. Not bad, out of 2,207,882 blogs.

The B-C blog once got up just into the 9900s, so hopefully as people transfer their blogrolls over and make new links, I might squeak back inside the top 10,000 again one day.
Heh, that sounds really impressive, doesn't it?
By the by, the fact that the Blog-City blog comes up with an error page title was yet another reason to leave. I mean, just doesn't look cool, does it?

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