Well, you don't see that every day

by Suw on April 24, 2004

I was walking up the High Street in Winchester this afternoon when I had one of those 'Well, you don't see that every day' moments.
It was gloriously sunny, the blue sky unmarred by a single cloud. The whole world, it seemed, had come out to lounge about on the cathedral green, drink Pimms on Winchester's beer-pavements (no gardens, I'm afraid) or do a bit of spring shopping.
And, as the crowd of shoppers parted before me I saw, calmly walking between a middle-aged couple, a fully grown greylag goose.
Now, you really don't see that every day.
Once I'd got over the incongruity of seeing a large goose out shopping, I was struck by the fact that the couple he appeared to be with were not the farmer-types perhaps you'd expect, but just your averagely well-dressed middle-class people. Exactly, in fact, the sort of people you would not expect to have a pet goose.
The second fact that struck me, and quite forcibly at that, was that I didn't have my digital camera on me, nor did I have a cameraphone with which to moblog the scene.
I have never really cared much for the whole cameraphone thing – never thought that it would be relevant to me. I have a camera. I have a phone. What do I need a cameraphone for? Why should anyone be in any way interested in the rubbish that I see every day?
But there I was, a few feet away from a goose with an identity crisis (I shop, therefore I… honk! honk!), and suddenly, in that instant, I understood fully and completely the attraction of moblogging.
Somehow, textual blogging doesn't seem adequate enough now.

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