Is a group blog a blorgy?

by Suw on April 5, 2004

I?m really pleased to say that so far the reaction to Four Corners, which launched yesterday, has been very positive. I?ve had lovely comments from Betsy Devine and Halley Suitt and am now officially chuffed as a small horse.
I love the concept of a group blog – the way that disparate people who have probably never even met can come together can create something fascinating, a synthesis of concepts, cultures and viewpoints that juxtapose ideas and observations in new and interesting ways. I can?t write as often for Four Corners as I would like, but being able to write good, solid essays and release them out into the wild for public consumption, well, that really rings my bells, I can tell you.
And it seems that we at Four Corners aren?t the only people to be having a bit of a blorgy at the moment. Halley Suitt has joined forces with seven other writers, including the always insightful David Weinberger, to launch Worthwhile.
Halley says on her own blog:

We are different from many magazines which also have websites or weblogs. We are starting with the weblog then adding the magazine, instead of the other way around.

Personally, I think that is totally the way forward. Blogs are here. Blogs are now. Print is out of date by the time it?s on the news-stands. Once group blogs get some momentum together and begin to permeate the subconscious of the average Jo(e) on the street, magazines are going to find themselves on thin ice. After all, why wait a month for a fix from your favourite writers when a blog can give you one right now?
I must say, though, there is some fantastic writing on Worthwhile:

…the thought of a stranger kneading my naked body makes me so tense that I give masseuses hand cramps. “It's like trying to massage a trampoline,” I've been told. This whole idea of paying someone to beat you because it feels so good when it stops reminds me just too much of all the worst jobs I've ever had.

Slow Mugging – David Weinberger

There?s only one thing to say about Worthwhile. It is. And you should definitely check it out. (Ok, that?s two. Bite me.)

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