Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I just verbally (typographically?) vomited on Joi Ito's blog about this. Oops.

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Ok, so we’re here. The move was as tedious as you could imagine it would be, involving a four hour wait to get the keys to the new place. Amazing how slowly solicitors work.

We didn’t start unloading til 4pm and all our careful planning – labelling each box with its desired final resting place – was efficiently ignored by the removals men, who all had ants in their pants by that stage and just shoved everything in the garage as fast as they could.

All I managed to get done yesterday was cram as much furniture in my room as possible and make the bed. And I was correct in my previous assumption – it doesn’t all fit. Not by a long chalk. Oh well.

Got the computer set up and online this morning, which is a relief. I hate being without email. Can’t monopolise the phone line too much though, until I get my own put in next week.

Immediate impressions of the new house: small. Very small. With vomitously horrible decor. My room is vile pink – walls, carpet, curtains. All pink. I hate pink. Still, I never look at anything other than my computer screen anyway so hopefully I shan’t really notice too much.

The central heating appears to have a mind of its own, although tomorrow I fully intend to break its spirit and force it to conform to my ideals, i.e. I don’t really like waking up in the middle of the night with frostbite.

We don’t know where anything is, and all the boxes we’d like to unpack are lost behind all the boxes that really need to go straight up into the loft but which we can’t put up there until we’ve got a pulley in place because they’re too heavy for me to lift above my head. We have no idea where the pulley is either, let alone the rope.

Hopefully tomorrow the bits of me that I bruised/strained yesterday won’t hurt so much and I’ll get more done in the way of getting things all sorted out. And I still have last weekend to blog, when I can summon the energy.

How I wish I had a laptop so I could blog from bed.

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