Monday, February 2, 2004

I've got to the point with my packing where there's just not much left to pack. Possibly a couple of boxes – the rest I can't pack till a bit closer to the time because it's stuff I use on a daily basis. The trouble is, we still don't know for sure that we are moving on Friday, so I can't start packing stuff that I might need. I've already had to go downstairs and rifle through my stationery box for something i needed.

Actually, I have two boxes of stationery. How happy does that make me? Very.

/me swoons at the thought of stationery

Yes, so today's been just one big faff-a-rama. Everyone's uptight and snappy, including me. Even the cats are pissed off. And I've achieved feck all except for lurking on IRC all day. Again. Buggrit.

On top of that the credit card fraudsters are out in force, flooding my inbox with bogus orders, and there are virii galore coming through the system which do nothing but fool me for a moment into thinking someone interesting has emailed.

Can I change this Monday for one that works better please? Preferably one wherein I have the readies to go on holiday, a mid sixes to sevens production deal on my screenplay and a cute guy to share my good luck with.

And no, that's not wishful thinking, it's positive visualisation. 😉

PS. Oh, and more votes for Polish, if you please.

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