Friday, February 13, 2004

Second Zoetrope RU-UK London meet-up

by Suw on February 13, 2004

It’s always a bit strange posting pics of meet-ups, because intrinsically they’re really not very interesting for anyone who wasn’t actually there or who doesn’t already know the guilty parties, er, I mean, meeter-uppers. In basic terms, it was a basic pub-then-dinner evening, nothing really fancy except that everyone there was a writer of some sort which did make for fascinating conversation.

Well, fascinating for me, anyway. I’m sure if you’re not a writer it would have been dull as dishwater. Although at least this time I restrained myself – my rants about grammar and punctuation which so floored everyone last time remained unuttered.

In fact, we had two award-winning scriptwriters in our midst – Paul and Josh. Paul’s also jumping through the BBC’s script writer selection hoops as we speak. I really wanted to grill him about that, but somehow never seemed quite able to corner him for long enough to get the thumbscrews out. Next time, maybe.

Anyway, I did my usual trick of being annoying with a camera, although the flash is a bit fierce so the washed-out-ness of some pictures is not down to everyone being pale and wan, honest.

The wonderful Caz and the delectable Kay.

Mr Christopher Morrow, purveyor of scary stories about unplumbed-in toilets.

Emma Reeve. One consonant from being someone else completely.

Gerry. Last time, due to a delayed plane, he arrived at 9pm. This time, due to a delayed plane, he arrived at 10pm. Next time, we suggest he comes down the morning prior.

Josh. What more can one say?

Mr Coffin, er, I mean, Kane. One wave short of a shipwreck.

Doctor! Is there a medic in the house? No, but we have a scriptwriter…

Kay and Paul in the depths of a fascinating conversation about the apostrophe.

Me. See? Those Orkut pictures lie.

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by Suw on February 13, 2004

Back on probation, because I missed them.

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