by Suw on January 31, 2004

If Orkut only ever does one useful thing, then it will have been showing me pictures of all the #joiito dudes.

If it does two, then the second will be introducing me to A Subtle Sweetness. Any blog that recomments peanut oil for cooking in has to be worthy of further inspection, and has to be written by someone after my own heart. I rarely cook in anything else, and if I do have to use a different oil, it's olive oil.

But, if I'm going to steal some content from Maciej Stachowiak's blog, it'll be:

Have you ever wondered why some words or expressions, like “inept” or “disgruntled” are only ever used with a negative prefix? What ever happened to the opposites of these words? What would life be like if we used them all the time?

Actually, I'm still waiting for John Peel's 'begruntled' to catch on.

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