Gotta get yerself connected…

by Suw on January 24, 2004

Tonight I'm feeling the most connected I've ever felt since having that firewire cable surgically removed, and it's all down to a little site called Orkut.

Orkut, which is apparently Finnish for 'orgasm', is another one of these social networking websites, but unlike Friendster it's new and small and full of very cool people from #joiito who are all now my friends. I may currently only have 12 14 of them, unlike Joi who has 49 51, but they're all quality friends including AKMA, whom I met for the first time online tonight, Maciej, Kevin and Joi himself.

The site's not been live long, but already there's a mass migration to it, from IRC at least. Phrases like 'it's like a Friendster that works' have been uttered, and I have to admit that so far I like it more than Friendster. I haven't really figured out all that it does, as the day's been mainly spent in a friend-adding frenzy, but I guess only time will tell if the novelty wears off or whether it becomes a genuinely useful networking tool.

One of the things that I do like about it is that it's limited to 'friends-of-friends' linkages so you don't end up with tens of thousands of people (or more) in your network, most of whome you just don't know and probably would never want to. Plus you need to be invited in by someone who's already part of it. So if you know me and you want in, email me and I'll sort you out.

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