Boxes, boxes, everywhere

by Suw on January 24, 2004

And not a jot of packing done today.

Looks like we move house next Friday, come hell or highwater. Most of my packing is actually repacking as although I never unpacked from when I moved back here in August last year, I have frequently riffled through my stuff to pull out that essential book/cd/thing, hence a lot of my boxes are half full.

I was going to do some packing this afternoon, but I didn't. Tomorrow, maybe.

Anyway, expect blog entries to be few and far between over the next fortnight. And possibly very dull*.

I have so far resisted the temptation to blog every detail of this house sale, and will attempt to do same with the whole moving thing. I shall be glad when it's over though.

*no change there then.

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