Sunday already?

by Suw on January 18, 2004

Most of the weekend's been taken up with the interesting and challenging combination of niece-sitting and DIY. Ever tried hanging wallpaper whilst a three year old is lurking at the bottom of the steps grilling you on what you're doing and why?

Anyway, there's now a wall where the stairs used to be, and hopefully we'll today finish off the other minor tasks that need to be done before the building inspectors come and give us our certificate of habitation. Then it's completion, packing and moving.

Meantime, my cold is back with a vengeance, there's barely any skin left on my poor nose, and Kleenex are making a small fortune out of me. Instead of laying insulation in the loft I'd rather by lying down in bed with a decent DVD, but I'm afear'd tis not to be.

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