Yay! First version of second draft is complete!

by Suw on January 15, 2004

So, SP1 is now officially SP1 Ver 2! It's taken me since my visit to Leeds at the end of November to get this second version written. That's been variously due to a lack of time, inspiration, information and clarity, but in those moments when the muse has been kind the words have flowed onto the page with ease, as if I were channelling Goldman. Even though he's not dead yet.

Whilst complete my script may be, it's not finished. I need to print it out, then sit with a prettily coloured pen and go through it with a fine toothed comb to make sure that I'm getting in early, getting out late, saying what I need to say, and all that stuff. And that I've not forgotten anything. I don't think I've forgotten anything. Although I did discover this evening a really cool scene that I didn't know belonged in the script, which is exactly what I love about writing.

See, it doesn't matter how well you outline, when you start to work on the script properly some scenes just write themselves, and you end up discovering things about the plot and the character that you didn't know before, that weren't in your plan. I love it when that happens.

On the other hand, some scenes are like having a fat wisdom tooth pulled – each word is a struggle to get out, a painful and unpleasant experience which would only be improved by the application of a general anaesthetic.

Still, I live for this moment of completion. This feeling that it's done, that I've achieved something. Let's just hope that it doesn't prove to be an unpolishable turd that I've created here. 😉

Bram Janssen January 16, 2004 at 11:10 am

🙂 Wahoo!

Well, Suw that sounds just fantastic.
**Eureka moment for Suw, please God!**

Well I am of course getting curious and want to see the film. (Yeah, long term planning I know, but I'm an optimist *smiles amiably*)

Steve Kane January 16, 2004 at 12:33 pm

Well done, Suw. Perhaps you can give me some motivational training to get on with my own project.

(Actually, I'm getting stuck into some research… like discovering how bizarre and abnormal human relationships are compared to the other 4,300 or so species of mammals on this planet).

Visit me @ http://www.steve-kane.co.uk

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