Byd bach – Small world

by Suw on January 11, 2004

The internet is really, really wee.

I was talking to Gary Turner the other day and he suggested that I try out Joi Ito's IRC room. Yeah, sure, I thought. I'm always up for meeting cool and interesting people and anywhere that GT hangs out must be full of cool and interesting people.

So I toddled off, downloaded Hydra and got myself all sorted out. True enough, the people in Joi Ito's room are interesting and cool, not to mention friendly and amusing. I felt at home right away.

This evening I pootled in there, only to discover that the nickname I'd been using, 'Suw' – chosen specifically in order to cunningly disguise my identity – was playing silly buggers. It kept coming up as '[1]Suw', which for some reason annoyed me. I changed it instead to Nefi, an avatar I use quite a lot, particularly on the Elliott Smith boards.

To my great surprise, this resulted in the discovery that one of the users there, PatFM, is a member of my Welsh learners' list, Clwb Malu Cachu! Pat is also on the same Elliott Smith mailing list that I'm on. How spooky is that?! What are the chances of meeting the same person, entirely by accident and quite independently, in three such disparate places?

I'm half expecting to bump into him the next time I go shopping too…

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