Hungry cat = friendly cat

by Suw on January 7, 2004

Fflwff's been a gumpy moggie ever since she moved in here with me. I'd put it down to the other two cats and territorial issues. Seems I was wrong.

We have had to put all three moggies on a diet, and not just for their weight but for the sake of Rossi's bladder which appears to be giving her gyp (some sort of cystitis type problem). That said, Cleo is really a barrel of fat and I've taken to calling her 'lardy-cakes', much to her disgust. Cats know when they're being insulted. Fflwff's only a bit overweight but because she's so big – i.e. long – one has to be careful that she doesn't turn into a right porker by accident.

Thus there has been no food down since lunchtime.

Fflwff is currently sitting on my desk, purring fit to bust and being the happy, smiley, sociable moggie I used to know in Reading.

Amazing how friendly a hungry pussy cat can get.

Steve Kane January 7, 2004 at 8:03 pm

Hungry pussy…

Oh, just fill in the blanks yourself.

And 'hello'.

And you do realise that the only reason I post comments here is so that I can repeatedly link to my own website in a vain attempt to boost my Google ranking?

And 'hello'.

And you just thought I was lusting after you, eh?

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