Feeling Listless review of the year

by Suw on December 29, 2003

A few weeks ago Stuart from over at Feeling Listless asked me to take part in a retrospective he was putting together for his blog. Never one to turn down a request to write, I happily knocked out some replies to his five questions and sent them over.

Stuart's currently halfway through publishing the various responses he got, and I have to say that it makes for great reading. He's gathered viewpoints from some amazing people – writers, journalists, film makers, photographers, producers, actresses, singers, librarians, editors and bloggers, including familiar names such as Danny Wallace and Rebecca Blood. And in amongst all these fascinating people is little ol' me.

I feel both honoured and hopelessly outclassed.

Anyway, go over there right now and give it a look. It's a whole different kind of end of year review, I promise you.

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